We specialize in manufacturing electrical distribution, control boards and panels.

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Our company specializes in design, manufacture and production of switchboards and electrical panels, and commits to provide high quality, innovative customizable solutions through sustainability and customer intercation, with focus on the datacenter industry.

This is possible due to continous development based on years of experience. Through our expertise, exceptional customer service and innovation we strive to be a trusted and serious partner in the industry.

With Trond and Giovanni, who bring a combined experience of 60 years leading the way, we began our journey in 2019 as G.T Elektrodistribusjon, focusing mainly on serving the industrial sector with a variety of products, including control panels and distribution boards. In 2023, we reached a significant milestone by joining the CTS Group, rebranding ourselves as G.T Nordics AS in the process. This transition marked a notable shift in our operations, as we turned our attention towards the growing datacenter industry.

G.T Nordics

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